- J'ai 25 ans et je suis Québécoise.
- Princesse atrabiliaire en détresse à la recherche de la guérison physique et spirituelle.
- Princesse au petit pois: tout me heurte.
- Les hauts et les bas d'un être possédé par la démesure et la souffrance.
- Je parlerai de : musique (surtout du métal symphonique et des grandes voix), littérature, maladies mentales, cystite interstitielle, Smallville, Disney, Harry Potter, images gothiques.

- I'm 25 years old and I live in Québec (Canada)
- Splenetic princess searching for physical and spiritual healing.
- Princess and the pea : everything hurts me.
- The ups and downs of a being possessed by excesses and pain.
- I'm going to write about : music (mostly symphonic metal and great singers), literature, mental illnesses, interstitial cystitis, Smallville, Disney, Harry Potter, gothic images.

  1. My weekend was awful.

    I basically ruined my boyfriend’s birthday and neck pain gave me a migraine and symptoms I hadn’t have for a while.

    I’m terrified about my appointment with my urologist on Thursday because it could ruin my already ruined life. I should say it could ruin the only hope I have at getting a better life.

    I’m hoping the doctor will give me a miracle instead.

  2. I watched Cinderella II today

    And it really sucked.

    You will tell me “what did you expect from a Disney sequel?”

    Well I didn’t except a masterpiece, but it was truly awful, more than other sequels I’ve seen.

    The original “Cinderella” hasn’t been dubbed in French Canadian, so all French speakers watch the European French dubbing for this movie. But they dubbed the sequel with French Canadian actors (I know because Cinderella had the voice of Ariel) so it felt like it wasn’t Cinderella.

    (And the last French dubbing of Cinderella was made in 1991 so they could have used the same voice actress.)

    So yeah, I’m ALL for French Canadian dubbings, but not in that context.


    I had an “early” account in Pottermore but I was sorted as a Slytherin and I’m not, so I was pissed.

    Since then I’ve been trying to be sorted in Ravenclaw. And I succeeded.

    Some people say it didn’t matter, but I believe in authenticity even in pointless things like websites (and when I’m playing Sims, hahaha.)

    Everybody knows I’m a Ravenclaw.

  4. Stream of Passion - Collide

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Lady Autumn… 


    Lady Autumn… 

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Awaiting her loved one…


    Awaiting her loved one…

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  7. I hate her as a character but this drawing is awesome!

    I hate her as a character but this drawing is awesome!

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